Monday, May 20, 2013

Egad! A Burglar! And I'm Fresh Out of Scones!

Sorry I missed Friday's post, folks.  Things have been very busy work-wise.  If I can get through this week, I hope to turn a corner and get everything back to normal.

But enough of that.  Did you know that Spy Smasher was a very popular comic book character once upon a time?  "No," you might say, "I don't believe you.  You're a dirty liar!  Why must you lie!??"

But it's true.  Spy Smasher was so popular in Captain Marvel's Whiz Comics that he got his own spin-off book.  And like the good Captain, who is in every way better than Superham, Spy Smasher got some live-action adaptation.  Thusly:

So, I'm taking a look at Spy Smasher #1.  It's public domain, so you can read it for yourself if you like. I don't particularly recommend it, but there you have it.

So, anyway, I'd like to officially announce a new CMNS meme I like to call

...And There It Is. (tm!)

Okay, he's in his own apartment.  Got that?

Egad!  There's an intruder in your apartment!  What do you do?

Why, you engage in proper social graces, of course:

Really?  You're the victim of a home invasion and this is your response?

Oh, I see.  So if it's a hot chick, we overlook that whole "felony" thing.  Probably not too smart, because if she broke into your own home to confront you, she's probably gonna...

...And There It Is. (tm!)

Meanwhile, our hero saves the President of the United States from harm:

At least, we think so.  I mean, it's just the guy's hand.  Anyway, the President poses the inevitable question:

Which once again brings me to the whole lackluster disguise issue.  I suppose his disguise is better than the Phantom Lady's, but seriously.  Look at this:

You can see his entire face.  I mean, that's Golden Age Starman level of ineffective identity concealment.  And unlike Starman, he's got these goggles that might provide some level of disguise, but he's too lazy to pull them down.  It's amazing to me how many Golden Age heroes waltzed around without any face coverage whatsoever.

But you know what Spy Smasher couldn't do?  Fly.


Okay, first.... it's spelled "grammar."  Heal thyself.


Now my head hurts.  

Anyway, I can't promise the frequency of posts this week, folks.  Work is just going to be rough.  Please think good thoughts, and I'll update when I can.

See you soon!


James Robert Smith said...

I freaking love inconsistency in old comics. He could fly in that issue, by Jove!

Anonymous said...

Um, she's going to scatter his head by -- wait for it -- shooting him in the chest???!!!

MarvelX42 said...

That is one HELL of a "Greg Brady moment"!