Friday, May 31, 2013

Got Him! Ugh!

Still perusing Pep Comics #11, I check out the Comet story for this issue and notice for the first time the saturation of primary colors this feature uses.  I kid you not, it's page after page of blue, green and red buildings, joined by bright red streets.  It reminded me of that old Dick Tracy movie that had Warren Beatty back in the 90's.


The Daily Blast?  I hate to blame the victim, but working for a place called The Daily Blast is just asking for trouble.  

Along those lines:

Okay, things you never want to say within earshot of a guard while you're inside a bank vault?  Anything that could be mistaken as a reference to an explosive device.

Hey!  Let's check in on (T)(t)he Press Guardian!

Yeah, nothing but good things come when a government requires a certain demographic to register.  Nothing. But. Good. Things.

Actually, I was more noticing that he had a bad habit of wearing the same suit in both his civilian and his secret identities.  I've mentioned this several times, but his disguise continues to be only slightly more effective than that of the Phantom Lady.  Green suit, yellow shirt, red tie... that's a rather loud fashion statement to make for someone who doesn't want to call attention to himself.

Then again, it does save us awkward moments like I saw back in the Comet story:

So, if you were ever wondering why heroes tended to wear their costumes under their clothes, wonder no more.

See you Monday!

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