Friday, May 10, 2013

These Explosives are Dangerous! YOU Keep 'Em!

A bit of questionable strategy from Superman Family #167, courtesy of contributor Robert Gillis!

Basically, the upshot is that Superboy went on a mission with all his robots but one.  Pete Ross manages to break it, which is either a testament to his clumsiness or the shoddy workmanship of the robot.  Anyhoo, Pete realizes he must replace said robot.  Thusly:

I'm not sure why there's nothing else to do with an excess supply of explosives, but then again, I've never had an excess supply of explosives.

But I wouldn't do this with them, either:

Yes, Pete stores them in the Kent house.  Because Ma and Pa Kent will be perfectly safe with explosives "much too dangerous to keep around" up in their attic.  What could possibly go wrong?

Good one, Robert!  Thanks again!

Here's an interesting house ad:

Pathos?  Really?  So are you supposed to put on a Smiths album while you read it?  That's an odd selling feature.

But here's an even more unusual marketing technique:

Coupons?  Really?

So you know I had to find out exactly what those coupons were for.  And here they are:

Yeah, as a small child, nothing would seal the deal for me like a coupon for rug shampoo or Blistik.  I'm not even sure the NuGrape soda ad is for soda.  The fact that the coupons were still in the comic 60 years after publication leads me to believe that particular campaign didn't sell a lot of comics.

See you Monday!


MarvelX42 said...

Wait, that guy in the "Action" that....Walter?

Tracer Bullet said...

"Hey, Superboy. This is . . . some nameless authority figure. Yeah, we need you to get to the harbor because . . . Yes, Smallville has a harbor. Yes, in Kansas. Stop interrupting. Anyway, an iceberg is blocking . . . Yes, in a landlocked state . . . It came down the Missouri River, I guess. ANYWAY . . . No, I don't know how an iceberg traveled thousands of miles down an inland river to Kansas. So, back to the harbor. I . . . What? Since the last ice age, I would imagine. You know what? Just forget it. I'll call Green Lantern."

James Robert Smith said...

Charlton figured they'd sucker someone into the ad campaign.

Weissinger Superman titles rarely made any sense.