Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mayday! Corrosive and Poisonous!

Sorry about missing yesterday, folks.  I was under a lot of stress and it's a busy week for Yours Truly,  so let's check out some yuks courtesy of Space Adventures #37:

Hey!  It's time for Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!):

Going to Taco Bell has been a risky proposition ever since the introduction of the Cool Ranch Doritos Taco...

I keed, I keed.

Here's a head-scratcher:

You're worried about the military disciplining you?  Seriously?  Well, I'm not a JAG officer or anything, but maybe you could try "I was with the President of the United States at the White House" as a defense.  I mean, he's the Commander-in-Chief and he seems pretty okay with the situation.  And it's not like the military doesn't know he's Captain Atom.

Egad, that's just stupid.  Moving on!

Now, I admit I'm not the biggest Captain Atom fan out there, so I may have missed something, but since when does he have the knowledge of all mankind locked in his remarkable brain?  I understand him having knowledge from military training and stuff, but when did omniscience become part of the package?  Anyone out there give enough hoots to explain that one to me?

See you tomorrow!


MarvelX42 said...

First of all, omniscience means infinite knowledge. The knowledge of all mankind is far from infinite. Second, the only thing that I found that could be considered to be a massive knowledge for him was that he could interface with computers and pretty much just download things from them into his brain. However, I think that this wasn't a power that the original Charlton, Captain Atom had. Besides computers weren't all that sophisticated back then and the interwebs was a teeny tiny baby when those issues came out.

Buzz said...

The President looks a bit creepy there. Like he is about to put the moves on Cap.

Buzz said...

Also, what the heck is a "moon missile"??? And how fast does it go?

Sounds like slang for something I could live a happy life without knowing about.

Aaron Carine said...

I wonder if "moon missile" refers to the unmanned probes the Americans and Soviets were sending to the moon in the early years of the space race.

James Robert Smith said...

President Eisenhower said he was going to send his moon missile to Capt. Atom's momma.

E. Bernhard Warg said...

When was Don Rickles elected President?