Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Would YOU Be Afraid to Go Out Among the Stars with Me?

From Contributor Robert Gillis, we have some Excessively Impossibly Expository Monologue (tm!), courtesy of Superman Family #167.

Well, don't help her, Jimmy!  Yeesh.  I mean, if you have time to say / think all that, maybe you could just... oh, I don't know... pull her out of harm's way?

Here's something worth noting from Captain Video #6:

The moral here is, if Captain Video tells you to duck, then the rest of it is on you.  The fact that you're clearly distracted and have your back turned is your problem.  He gave you a fair chance and all that, but he's going to hit the dirt whether you do or don't.  It's on you once the bullets start flying.

Hmmmm.... it looks like it's fun for some Fun with Out of Context Artwork (tm!), courtesy of Adventures in Space #40:

I don't know what fate has in store for Little Buddy Scott, but I'm almost concerned enough to call Social Services.

See you tomorrow!

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