Thursday, February 17, 2011

Vibrators and Spankings Thursday!

What a day, what a day!  Thank goodness for help from Friends of CMNS (tm!)

Here's a dandy Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!) from World's Finest #104:

Now, having gone through World's Finest for months, I can only hang my head in shame that I somehow managed to miss that.  Thanks to sPat for playing goalie!

And from Robert Gillis, more weirdness from Lois Lane, a publication that apparently had the weirdest readers ever!

Okay, make sure you read that second letter.  Am I to understand we're voting as to whether Superman should spank Lois?  I think it's a safe bet that the North Shore Superman Fan Club evolved into a completely different kind of club when everyone hit adulthood.  Pervy kids.  You don't really expect that back in the day, but there you have it.

Not that Lois was the picture of mental stability herself:

Ah, more hallucinations.  They were audio this time, so she wasn't in as dire straights as poor Spider-Man.  The fact that she's talking to a photograph doesn't really help, either.

Thanks for the assist, sPat and Robert!  You are a credit to... whatever it is we do around here.


Britt Reid said...

Why is Batwoman looking at Superman's butt in the first panel?

And, grammatical nit-picking: " she wasn't in as dire straights as poor Spider-Man..."
should be
" she wasn't in as dire straits as poor Spider-Man..."

I wish they'd invent a "homonym-check" to go with spellcheck...

Dave Hardy said...

A good spanking would snap Lois out of it.

Unknown said...

Eye sew couldn't agree with ewe moor Brit.

D.B. Echo said...


TotalToyz said...

Who drew Batwoman's mask in that panel?? I swear, she could pick up ESPN2 with those antennae.

SallyP said...

Heh. I have to admit to giggling madly at that first panel.

Anonymous said...

Bat-woman doesn't even look like a Bat-woman. She looks like she's going for an bull fighter costume look instead... with a little bit of the bull thrown in for extra measure!
that's because to me, the mask points look more like gigantic horns... and the fact that her outfit is bright yellow doesn't help.

It's kind of sad how her horrible outfit distracted me from making the many obvious vibrator jokes.

You ever get the feeling that the writers and such intentionally threw in a few adult jokes and such for the hell of it to see how much crap could get past the radar?

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