Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In Which We See a Surprisingly Mature Side of Adam Wednesday!

Batman is a master of all forms of unarmed combat....

.... including, it would seem, the Random Slap! (tm!)  

YEAH!  Thanks, Detective #422!

When in disguise, Batman must be on the lookout for any suspicious behavior, anything out of the ordinary.  The slightest clue could lead to a life-or-death discovery...

A waitress handing me, a stranger, her personal bar of soap.  Nothing suspicious here!

I admit that Justin Bieber has gotten slightly less annoying to me since I've seen him having fun on Saturday Night Live.  And it appears he knows how to play quite a few instruments, so now my annoyance is simply how he is being marketed to seventh grade nymphomaniacs.

But then I came upon this....

and told myself, "This, too, shall pass."  Every generation has one.

See you tomorrow!

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