Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hallucinations - The Go-To Psychosis for Comic Book Writers Everywhere! Wednesday!

So, here's a little scene I came upon in Amazing Spider-Man #170:

All my greatest enemies!  Well, I'm not sure how the Man-Wolf got into a group of my greatest enemies, but there you have it!

Actually, I was bringing this up, because it seems like Peter might be used to this by now:

Yup.  Not two years earlier, he was having hallucinations while under the influence of an enemy's chemical attack.

So, what was going on in issue #170?  He was having hallucinations while under the influence of an enemy's chemical attack.

Marvel Comics: The House of (Recycled) Ideas

On an unrelated note, Pete hallucinates a lot about the vulture, doesn't he?

Hey, it's time for a crossover!: 

For non-comic nerdlingers, this is a typical sales ploy where a new and/or floundering character has a storyline with an established, popular character.  In this case, Marvel was hoping that by being forced to read an issue of Nova, you might get in the habit of buying the book on a regular basis.  

Which you didn't, because Nova not only had his original series cancelled, but the three attempts at re-launching his solo title over the years have all failed.  I find it hilarious to see Spider-Man on an anchor with Nova getting dragged down below the surface because.... well, you clearly get how woefully appropriate an analogy that is.

Again: Marvel: The House of (Recycled) Ideas

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D.B. Echo said...

Man-Wolf? What about....THE SHOCKER?! One of Spidey's greatest enemies is a guy whose battle cry is "Two in the..."

Never mind. We did that one to death on The Comics Curmudgeon back in 2007 anyway.

MarvelX42 said...

Why you dissin Marvel? DC recycles ideas all the time too mang.

Comixbear said...

Of course, Spidey is totally screwed while Nova is sitting pretty with an air supply in his helmet. After all, if he's able to fly in space, he can surely survive underwater. Now all he has to do is wait for Spidey's waterlogged corpse to be eaten by the fishies enough for the chains to loosen and....

MarvelX42 said...

Nova can fly. Why wouldn't he just, uhm, fly?

Adam Barnett said...

Comixbear was correct.... Nova's helmet immediately sealed and gave him an air supply, but he'd still be stuck down there if Spidey hadn't snapped the chains.

As to Marv's question about why Nova didn't just fly... well, that's a good question, because he DID fly he and Spidey out of the water once they were unchained from the anchor. Perhaps the anchor plus Spidey's weight was enough to hold him down? I mean, the guy wasn't Superman. Still, while I have no idea how powerful Nova's flight actually is, considering he can fly into space, the amount of thrust needed to achieve escape velocity would be pretty notable.

Heh... I said "thrust."

Britt Reid said...

Spidey has a penchant for nightmares and hallucinations.
Of the top of my head:
Amazing Spider-Man #100 (and the From Beyond the Grave Rockomic that adapted elements from it.
Amazing Spider-Man #150
The b/w Spectacular Spider-Man #2
The Spider-Man: Rock Reflections of a Super Hero album.
Numerous episodes of his various animated series.
Even the new Broadway play!
And, I'm sure the 1970s live-action tv series had at least one nightmare/hallucination ep.