Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Captain America Means What He Says (as Opposed to Everyone Else) Wednesday!

So by now, most of you who actually care know which member of the Fantastic Four has "died."  And if it was your favorite member, fret not.  Superman, Jean Grey, Hal Jordan, Ollie Queen, and Barry Allen will all tell you that death is rarely fatal in comics.

I've never been silent about my opinion that a dead character should remain dead.  It keeps me from getting excited about the developments in a story if I know that a character who "dies" is only going to resurface in a year or two.  In fact, hasn't every member of the Fantastic Four "died" in some capacity over the years already?

Even Bucky and Jason Todd, two sidekicks whose deaths were considered untouchable, have found their way back from the Great Beyond.  I, for one, am tired of this lazy, sensationalist writing and won't tolerate it. I will defend the virtues of Identity Crisis, so it's not like I'm that difficult to please.  But as far as I'm concerned, I refuse to consider any character "deaths" an event unless dead starts meaning dead.  Like "Adrian Chase," "John Ostrander's Suicide Squad Run," or "Meatball from the Little Wise Guys" level of death.

Let's not forget the last major character Marvel "killed off":

... and we've all seen how permanent that was.

I don't know if it's unpatriotic to say I dislike Captain America.  Maybe that's why I dislike him.  How can you dislike a character who wraps himself up in the flag and poops in flavors?

Well, I don't.  I don't like people who purport to be so dang superior.

Smack him, Spidey.  We all want you to.

Okay, you've seen this entire conversation.  What did Cap say that was "more than he was permitted to"?  All I read there is "You aren't part of the club, so get out."  See what I mean?  Sooooo self-righteous.

And he refers to himself in the third person:

That's the kind of thing usually reserved for Marvel villains.  Know why?  Because it's an annoying trait designed to make you not like the arrogant jerks all the more.  Why Captain America gets away with it, I'm not sure.  People tend to ignore a lot when you wrap yourself in the flag.

Seriously, can someone shoot this guy again?

There.  Good job, Electro.

See?  I hate him so much, I root for Electro, for crying out loud.

That was from Amazing Spider-Man #187, by-the-by.

See you tomorrow!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Remember how Kole was created specifically so that she would die in COIE? I'd like to see that type of lateral thinking again, instead of, oh, hey, let's have Black Adam kill TERRA.

I loved how Quesada says "There will be no FF#589!" Course not, it will be FF#1. Same thing happened with Flash before Barry Allen came back.

Bud said...

Oh, Adrian Chase!

That was - and maybe it still is - my favorite comic book series.

It was so 1980s racy. Cannon and Saber? You know what I'm talking about.

MarvelX42 said...

Is the original Humana Torch still around? Maybe he could join the FF.

Britt Reid said...

"And he refers to himself in the third person...That's the kind of thing usually reserved for Marvel villains. Know why? Because it's an annoying trait designed to make you not like the arrogant jerks all the more."

BrittReid doesn't think so!
And BrittReid means what he says!