Monday, January 24, 2011

The Good Old Days When Men Were Brutes, and Women Were Scheming Liars Monday!

Let's take another look at some classic Lois Lane moments, courtesy of our pal Robert Gillis!

Here's a classic from Lois Lane #8:

In answer to your question, Lois: Yes, when it comes to women, we can be that stupid and then some.

How stupid?  Well, this stupid:

You know, Lois, you don't have to go out with the guy just because he's beating up on Clark.  You could always call the police.  Then again, that's not the way folks did things back in the day.  You didn't involve the law unless it was something important, like the neighbor's dog taking a dump in your yard.  So a lot of women went out on dates with guys who beat up other guys in front of them.  That's how America used to roll, back when we were a proud, self-sufficient people.

Here's one of Lois's many attempts at forcing Superham to marry her, from Lois Lane #14:

Yes, what deceit and manipulation have brought together, let no man tear asunder.  The best marriages are based on cons and grifts.  Women knew how to get the job done back then, because men were apparently willing to beat each other bloody to get dates, but a woman had to lure you to the altar (much like trying to get a stray cat out from under your porch).

Good times, my friends.... good times.

Thanks again, Robert!  


Anonymous said...

I tend to find that a lot of people in comics and TV shows do things that people in real life wouldn't even do at all just simply for the sake of the plot.

for instance, how would the story turned out if Lois had simply called the police to stop the fighting and the hospital for Clark who she thought was getting beat up?

The brute would be in jail, and Clark would had to try to explain to the hospital that he was fine.

aside from Clark having to use lame excuses once again in an attempt to explain his amazing recovery away, there would be no more story at all.

so thats why even though everything our beloved characters do seems so insane and illogical, it's what keeps the story interesting. :)

plus it gives us good "WTF were they thinking?" material to make fun of later on.

MarvelX42 said...

Yes auroramoon22, but a good writer would come up with reasons why the characters did what they did and or why things happened the way they did.

Britt Reid said...

Remember, they were writing for a 7-14 year-old audience.

To somebody that age, both Lois' and Superman's actions aren't unreasonable!

Zocktastic said...

Pardon me, but who gave Clark the right be master of life and death of every little thing that floats into his hideout?

"Oh, this butterfly was exposed to cosmic rays. I could save it, but instead I think I'll let it disintegrate in the sunlight to demonstrate how this plot device works."

MarvelX42 said...

You have a good point Zocktastic. I mean he has seen enough to know that that "butterfly" might be the leader of an intergalactic, ultrapowerful, military war armada that will not take kindly to having him vaporized just to prove a point.