Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oh, Eeesh, It's the Freakin' Clone Saga Tuesday!

So, I find myself re-reading Amazing Spider-Man #148 and 149, and it appears that while it was an awesome tale at the time, Adam now has his grievances.  

My first and foremost grievance is right here:

Okay, that was an awesome way to end that particular issue, but it (wait for it) made no sense.  Again, I'm not the most learned Spider-Man fan, but let's think this through.

Let's say I have a "spider-sense" that warns me of danger.  If you're about to dig claws into my head, that's dangerous, regardless of who you are.  I don't care if you're Charles Manson or Beloved, that sort of thing constitutes danger, and Peter's "spider-sense" should have picked up on it.

But let's say for the sake of argument that Peter's "spider-sense" is quite stupid and thinks that some claws in the back of the head are acceptable, provided the person doing it has never been a nemesis of mine up to that  point. 

 I say, up to that point.

Next issue, guess what happened?  This:

Okay, let's review:  Spidey now knows that over the previous two years,  Professor Warren has sent the Punisher, Hammerhead and the Tarantula to kill him, kicked him off  the George Washington Bridge, and broken a table over his head.  Even the most co-dependent person would be reconsidering Professor Warren's "friendship" status at this point.  So even if you give him a pass for the last sneak attack (and you certainly shouldn't, but for the sake of argument...) how did he sneak up on Peter this time? 


And the Jackal's origin is stupid:

Anyone here not know the real reason for the Prof's attraction to Gwen Stacy?  Anyone need any help?  I didn't think so.

Whoops!  Murderous flashback!:

All I know is, you better not talk in Professor Warren's class, because he apparently doesn't know how to quiet you without killing you.  Not that old science nerd Anthony didn't deserve to die, because he was indirectly responsible for the creation of.....

Yes, the Spider-Clone.  A plot device wisely left dormant for almost twenty years, until the 1990's gave us the infamous "Clone Saga," a story arc that was universally despised and went on forever. And frankly, I'm not sure I have enough self-loathing to subject myself to it when we get to it.

Then again, I probably will.  I made it through Team America, so I'm something of a badass.

See you tomorrow!  Or will it be my clone?  Hmmmmmmm?


MarvelX42 said...

Ya know what? I think that the Prof could sneak up on Spider-man like that because he is obviously freakin crazy as hell. He was probably going to give Spidey a hand draggin Tarantula off until at the last second his switch flipped and he clawed S.M.'s ass instead. Therefore he wasn't a danger until the last second. At least the first time. The second time is tougher and that one might just have been a major screw up.

Comixbear said...

Of course, according to the High Evolutionary (for a few weeks at least), wasn't Warren's assistant actually physically the spider-clone for awhile? They tried to say that Warren had instead invented some sort of virus that turned someone else into a clone of the person the syrum was made from, and so he 'killed' Anthony by turning him into a Peter Parker clone. Of course, this later turned out to be a practical joke by the High Evolutionary and the original clone bit was the truth.
And yes, this was all BEFORE the clone saga got complicated.

D.B. Echo said...

Geez, with both Professor Warren AND Norman Osborn gunning for Gwen, she was one popular co-ed with the older men.

I like MarvelX42's theory. Iron Fist was able to fend off a psychic opponent (Mr. X, in Thunderbolts) by using "drunken fighting" techniques, where each attack was done without any forethought - so no mental signal to his opponent.