Monday, January 10, 2011

Of Toxic Relationships and a T-Rex Monday!

As we mature, we learn to appreciate the important things in life partners.  We focus a little less on the physical and more on the soul.  That is, if we're smart we do.

Peter still has a little growing up to do:

Okay, if the girl you're dating doesn't want you to go with you to visit your elderly aunt who raised you in the hospital, I don't care how good she looks, it's time for an upgrade.

And why is Peter yelling at Harry and Liz?  I mean, he's shrieking at them!  He's probably got such low expectations since Mary Jane was such a jerk about visit poor Aunt May, he's that surprised anyone cares about the woman.

And here's another clue.  If your girl trash-talks you to others, time to upgrade:

Seriously, Mary Jane?  You're going to slam on me to my aunt?  Maybe if Aunt May knew you had to be dragged to the hospital to visit her, she might be a little less into the whole "all men need to be fixed by their womenfolk" riff you've got going on there.

Bleh.  I really need to see Spider-Man fighting a T-Rex right about now.

Oh, here it is:

That's better.  Thanks, Amazing Spider-Man #166!

See you tomorrow!


Britt Reid said...

This was why I always preferred Gwen to MJ. ;-)

Justin Garrett Blum said...

At least she's honest. I guess that counts for something...

Gene Phillips said...

LOL! Good catch on MJ!