Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm Sure Safety is a Top Priority in Real Travelling Carnivals Tuesday!

Yes, I know that between World's Finest, Detective Comics and his own self-titled book, I've been doing a truckload of Batman-related posts. I expect this will change relatively soon. In my defense, it's hard to read something else when it seems like a guarantee that the Silver Age Batman will give me something.

Like these little dandies from Detective Comics #309:

Death.... rides a wheeled polka-dotted dinosaur.

I don't know who is running this carnival, but I see a lawsuit in the making:

Considering the kind of giant-sized exhibits they usually have at museums and gas stations in Gotham City, I would hardly think this statute is a jaw-dropper, but bear with me.

Seriously? It can be pushed over by one guy? And they're wheeling it around a crowded event?

So, besides having a four-story statute that one guy can push over getting tugged down the middle of the festivities on wheels, that sword is apparently real. While I applaud the attention to detail, it's a little disturbing that someone thinks dangling a twelve foot sword above the heads of the general public is a good idea.

And what is the deal with this fun house?

A giant metal hand grabs you. But don't worry, as there is a perfectly sound explanation:

(A) Can you imagine the number of injury claims to be had when a giant iron hand grabs you and lifts you off the ground? What insurance carrier would go along with that? And (B) the fact that there is a "crush human" setting tells you that maybe, just maybe, this is a really ill-conceived entertainment concept.

But as long as everyone worships Batman at the end, I suppose it's okay:

I am the Avenger of Evil, striking terror into the hearts and souls of criminals everywhere. I am also the King of Mari Gras! Come on, ladies! You know what I want to see! You've gotta earn these beads!

I haven't decided what I'm going to incorporate into this blog next, but with issues like that, it's hard to turn away.

See you tomorrow!


La Belle Esplanade said...

As someone from New Orleans, I have to say this is the most humdrum Mardi Gras float ever. And in a city that is full of giant, working props! Someone was napping at the design table.

Peter Gray said...

Love the fun house prop..lol

Just love how the writers write themselves out of a corner and make it has normal as possible..in the process it makes it so funny..