Monday, August 16, 2010

Dance! Dance! Monday!

Today's panels are brought to us by the sharp eyes of helpful readers!

The first one comes from Robert Gillis, who saw this in Adventure Comics #188. While we normally look at panels, sometimes you just need to see the whole page:

First, that was one slow fall down the stairs if you had time to say all that on the way down.

Second, why isn't anyone taking this man to a hospital? He has a head injury and is delusional! Of course, this is Clark's idea:

Clark, your father hit his head and doesn't know who he is! He could have a concussion! We have to get him to a doctor!

Hold on, Ma! He thinks he's a matador. I want to see how this plays out....

I have nothing against Pa Kent, but wouldn't it be awesome if Pa went out back and tried to fight a real bull? They live on a farm, you know. I'm sure there's a bull out there somewhere. If he croaked, Clark could blame himself and go through some much-needed self-assessment.

Still no offers from DC to write comics for them. Can you believe it? Dan Didio won't even accept my Facebook friend request. These awesome ideas just dribbling down the figurative drain. It's a crime, really.

This panel came from first-time contributor Lorenzo, from the first issue of the 1980's Moon Knight series:

That's right, my friends: Dancing is a fate worse than death. They can skin you alive, boil you in oil, or bury you up to your neck in an anthill, but pray that they don't make you dance.

Actually, watching me dance is a fate worse than death, but I digress.

Another one from Robert Gillis. Check this guy out:

Every culture thinks theirs is the best, so that's uncomfortably true to a large degree. But this guy loses his mind over bubble gum. Seriously? We've got the atomic bomb, you know. We could shut that guy up easily without relying on bubble gum.

What the heck: We have bubble gum! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

Thanks again for the assist, Robert and Lorenzo!

And if you want to help me out with funny things you find, please send them to comicsmakenosense (at) gmail (dot) com!

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

actually, the women seem to be dressed skimpy....
maybe the "fate worse than death" was the fact that they were not only forced to dance, but to wear stripper clothing/ or strip off their clothes like they were nothing but sex objects.
but this being an comic series for kids, they couldn't show that part thanks to censorship.
This is just a theory though.

David said...

The problem is that comics are a visual medium, and the missing clue here is aural in nature. The girls are of course being forced to dance to the tune of Wham UK's "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go."

Damn you, Bushman!

Dave said...

As with so many things, I would pay cash money to read a six-issue series of "Pa Kent, Matador."

Johnny said...

Come on! Has anyone actually uttered 'OOPS! My Foot Tripped on the steps! I'm Falling!'
No, it's more like (ALOUD)'OH SHIIIIIII' and then (whisper) 'GOD DAMMIT! F/*KING STEPS!'

And on the flip side, things must be pretty grim in America if all you have to brag about is Bubble Gum!

Justin Garrett Blum said...

Nothing clever to say here. That page from SUPERBOY is one of the craziest damn things I've ever read. Every panel is mind-boggling.

Jack Norris said...

I prefer to believe that the fall caused him to REMEMBER that he had in fact lived in Spain for a few years in his youth (possibly originally having gone to help the socialists fight Franco), something that he had since repressed in his mind, not even telling Martha, who only ever knew that he was out of town for an awful long time way back when.

Anonymous said...