Monday, August 23, 2010

Domo Arigato, Mr. Alpha Roboto Monday!

They seemed to think they hit a creative vein with robots, so meet the latest robot-in-a-Batman-story from Detective Comics #307:

Normally, I'd make some sort of smarmy comment, but words escape me where this panel is concerned:

Or to be more specific, with that weird Jerry Lewis-looking thing they're showing Alpha on the screen:

This is a very curious choice when it comes to illustrating emotions. First and foremost, I'm not sure what emotion is being conveyed there, other than "huffing paint causes brain damage," which isn't really an emotion at all, but more of a cautionary tale. But that is seriously disturbing, and certainly not what I would use as a paragon of human facial expression. It's almost like the artist was just yanking us around to see what he could get away with.

Oh, DC Comics! Give me something I can understand... like sexist comments:

There! That's much better.

It's a fact that if there is only one woman in the room and there are two single guys, they will start trying to "c-block" the other. This applies even if said woman in the room is the Silver Age Batwoman:

It is also a Law of Nature that said woman will only pay attention to the nicer guy long enough to curry the jealousy of the guy who treats her like crap. Anyone who has already been to junior high will know that this is a Universal Truth.

But take heart, nice guys! Girls pull their heads out of their collective behinds at around age 30. That's why God invented Playstation; so that you could have something to do whilst you wait.

This panel really got to me:

I would totally understand if Alpha was consumed with thoughts of Batwoman, but having Batman in the mix is .... well, let's just say it's interesting. It may be that Alpha is interested in Batwoman and Batman, which is fine with me if that's the groove everyone is on.

But who else is in that little bit of mental erotica?

You know it:

Jumpin' Jennifer Lopez on a Hippity-Hop, that is the funniest thing I've seen in days!


Unknown said...

Great one! cheered up my day as always!

Aaron Carine said...

Maybe that was supposed to be Jerry Lewis.

Daniel [] said...

Well, somebody grab that one up for an avatar!

Lazarus Lupin said...

ok I don't get it. Any artist under the pressure of a deadline can I believe come a cropper with a panel. After all these guys were being paid not to sit on their hind ends making high art, they had to crank them pages out baby.

So saying that however, the jerry lewis/salvadore dali/rain man thing is repeated meaning the artist in question thought this was a good representation of "emotion?'

I am speechless, good thing I am typing.

lazarus lupin
art and review

Johnny said...

i lolled

Allergy said...

That is so dang hilarious.

Adam, I wish you had been around to give me advice when I was young and seeking romance.

Buzz said...

it's ok for a man to like another man... it's NOT ok for a man to like that creepy floating head of the weird "emotion guy" from the "educational movie." That is just wrong.