Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Could This Belt be the Reason My Whole Body is Tingling? Tuesday!

I've finally started the Blackest Night cross-over. It's been sitting in the pile for months and I finally just had to give myself license to read something recent. I've got to say that, as a reader who doesn't normally care for science fiction, I've enjoyed Blackest Night as well as the Green Lantern books ever since the Sinestro Corps.

That being said, I still generally hate science fiction, so the Batman stories of the 50's are particularly painful. I could stomach it if the stories were simply lame, but adding sci-fi to the mix is only making the experience worse. I could somewhat see why Superboy was dealing with alien ships crashing in Smallville every day and twice on Sundays, but to have that happen to Batman is really awkward.

Thus, I give you Detective #282:

Robin is only politely pretending to be impressed. This is easily the fifteenth alien he's met in the last six months.

Gosh, that energy beam is holding them prisoner! That's almost as good as the alien we saw yesterday who used a... I mean, WOW! Your technology is amazing!

Space travel is a long way off. If by "long way," you mean 15 years. See, if Batman wasn't inventing something, he figured no one else in the world was making any technological advances, either. It's not that he didn't have reason to assume this 99% of the time, but that was the kind of attitude Bruce has always had.

A Krajan Cave-Eel. Sure, we haven't used the Scarecrow or the Riddler in years, but why bother developing those characters when we could just bring in a Krajan Cave-Eel?

Sometimes, I find an interesting bit of history I never knew before. Take Detective #286:

Well, (A) I'm just glad to see some villain who didn't have to pierce the stratosphere to get here and (B) isn't it interesting that there was another Star-Man? The Starman series of the 90's, which was pretty good reading, prided itself on incorporating every character who used the Starman name at one time or another. This one, however, was overlooked. Maybe it was because of the hyphenated "Star-Man" as opposed to "Starman." See? This is what happens when you use a weird spelling of a name. Frankly, if you give a child a name with a weird spelling, I think Child Protective Services should take your baby from you. I don't think you should even be allowed to leave the hospital with it. That's right.

Hey! It's time for Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!)

It's panels like this that enable me to say, with confidence, that I have the most bitchin' blog on the Internet. So top THAT, Pioneer Woman!

Did you know they're making a movie out of the Pioneer Woman's blog? It's funny, because the gimmick is that she was supposedly some big city girl who gave up the glamor to live on a ranch for love. Know where she was brought up? The town of Bartlesville, Oklahoma, the same as me. We went to high school together. Bartlesville is a decent-sized town, but I doubt that moving to a ranch in rural Oklahoma was a huge culture shock for Ree. It's not like she lived her formative years in Manhattan and spent summers at the Hamptons.

But if someone wanted to make a Comics Make No Sense movie, I'd be on board. But I'd also insist that, like Ree, Reese Witherspoon play me in the movie.

See you tomorrow! I'll be a'havin' some recipes I learned when I a'moved from the big city down to the farm, where I live the simple life of a cattle magnate's wife with my children and domestic staff! Y'all come back now! Y'hear!


Johnny said...

Whoever drew that cave monster, nay, whoever PASSED that cave monster as acceptable must have been a big pusher of Krajan Cave-Eel themselves!

MarvelX42 said...

So they can only live in the dark, which is why it died the second it left the cave. Leave it to Batman to figure out why it died.....oh it didn't die? Uhm....

Britt Reid said...

"Space travel is a long way off. If by "long way," you mean 15 years."

In 1960 (when this issue came out), Sputnik was orbiting Earth, and dogs were flying around the planet in space capsules.
Within a year, people were in space. (And yes, I count Communists as "people".)
By 1969 humans were on the Moon.
Now if you're talkin' that Buck Rogers interplanetary stuff...

As entertaining as it would be, we'll never see a Comics Make No Sense movie.
Too many copyright and trademark problems...

Oh, and my regards to the kids...Adam, Hoss, and Little Joe!

MarvelX42 said...

I am pretty sure this would be interstellar travel we are talking about. So fifty years later we are no closer to that. I doubt we will be doing that even fifty years from now. Hell we haven't even gone any futher than Luna which is what, a quarter of a million miles away give or take. So we haven't even done any interplanetary human exploration. We haven't even sent any probes out of the solar system yet, although Voyager is getting close to that one.

La Belle Esplanade said...

Ah, the bright lights and busy streets of Bartlesville in the shadow of Price Tower.

okieqt said...

I'll be looking forward to a recipe for that Murphy's gravy tomorrow Reese. I'm off to buy a new red belt....