Thursday, August 12, 2010

Batman and Robin are Part of a Complete Breakfast Thursday!

Okay, as we plod through Detective Comics, we're up to 1962. We're past the point in history where we saw Green Lantern and the Flash rebooted in Showcase, so the Silver Age is squarely upon us.

How do we know we're talking about Silver Age Batman stories? Thusly, that's how:

Oh, balls. It's another freakin' alien.

See that one on the bottom left? What the heck kind of wardrobe choice is that for a grown alien bounty hunter?

Hey, doesn't the presence of more dang aliens mean Random Ray Usage? (tm?) You betcha!:

Are those the marshmallows from Lucky Charms cereal floating in those beams? Because I'm pretty sure they are.

So, they're taken to some planet for one of the three stock reasons: (a) The aliens were tricked into thinking Batman and Robin were outlaws, (b) They were forced to fight for the amusement of others or (c) They were called upon to help an alien race who was losing a war with another alien race. That's how the Silver Age rolled, so buckle up!

Alien dinosaurs. I'm sure some editor who had never seen a naked woman in his life sent out a memo: "I want to see lots of aliens and dinosaurs in the DC Comics publications until further notice. Preferably at the same time."

And you know what that led to:

That's right: Batman lassoing a space pterodactyl. That's right. Suck on that, Stan Lee, with your Avengers and your Fantastic Four kicking our collective ass in sales revenue! You may have the hearts and minds of comic fans of the 1960's, but you'll never get our space pterodactyl!

Yes, I know it's painful. Imagine how it feels for me to be reading these things. You're only getting the highlights, my lovelies.

See you tomorrow!


MarvelX42 said...

Wikipedia says that Lucky Charms didn't debut 'til '64

Britt Reid said...

"You may have the hearts and minds of comic fans of the 1960's, but you'll never get our space pterodactyl!"

But it's a space pterodactyl drawn by Jim (Supergirl) Mooney!

I can live with that... ;-)

Mooney did the cover, too!

Adam Barnett said...

@MarvelX42 - Maybe Lucky Charms didn't debut on EARTH until '64!

SM Newman said...

I started reading comics at around age 9 (1962) and while I read a good bit of Batman, I remember him mostly through the 80 page annuals of that time, which seemed to have the good sense not to include too many weird alien stories.

Anonymous said...

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