Friday, July 6, 2007

Everyone's a Winner!

My relative is dead! Yay!

And you aren't going to be our teacher anymore! Yay!

This sounds like news that's not altogether bad, but there's enough about it that people should at least be trying not to smile.


Anonymous said...

Ya know, its odd.

In comics, no matter the circumstances, everybody is thrilled when distant relatives die.

No regrets, just glad of the money.

SallyP said...

He wants to go to the wide open spaces? They live in KANSAS! You don't get much more wide open than that!

Oh, and Yeah, my long-lost relative is dead! Woohoo! It's not like I knew him or her or anything. Heck, don't even have to go to the funeral!

All those long-lost relatives should be leaving their money to their cats or something.

D.B. Echo said...

Well, you and I are in the Bloggerhood of Blogs Where Geoffrey Has Decided To Plug His Book.

Just a quick glance at the front page of your site and I'm thinking: If you're not one of the regulars at Josh Fruhlinger's The Comics Curmudeon (, you should be! It has a lot in common with your blog, except it focuses on the daily funnies. And gets 300+ comments per post, which is, umm, pretty good, and damn unusual for any site!