Friday, July 27, 2007

Costume Hall of Shame - The Flying Aces Gang

I'm pretty sure they only appeared once as foes of the Golden Age Green Arrow, but you just can't let those outfits get away. What's the common theme? Why, that we're all wearing our Fruit-of-the-Looms on the outside of our pastel outfits, of course! When the Royal Flush Gang is looking to kick your ass, you're doing something wrong.


Jeremy Rizza said...

God, that's brilliant! I never realized it before, but there aren't a lot of white "overpants" out there in superherodom and this must be why.

So what are their codenames? Bulgey, Droopy and Skidmarks?

SallyP said...

How handy! That lavender fellow is holding the ten foot pole that the other characters won't touch them with!

Anonymous said...

we fooled that cop into going to hell, a-la jack chick style!