Wednesday, October 14, 2015


Superman #184 simply reeked of awesome:

I would buy a "Weed Monster" solo comic.  I need to check with Childhood Pal Scott to see if there's any way I could acquire this character, because I smell gold, baby!

This was kind of a jerk move.  I mean, Superman is invulnerable, so he could have simply shoved the fish out of his way.  It's not like they could hurt him or anything.  Did he really have to smack them around?  No, he did not.

Superman finds himself under a red sun a lot.  A LOT.

But at least it's happened so many times that he clearly took some fisticuffs lessons from Batman:

And apparently, a punch from a de-powered Superman sounds like a rifle shot.  "Blam"?  Really?

Bring on more weird creatures!

Scare it away?  Why would you want to scare it away?  It's awesome!

See you tomorrow!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Ok. Why was Superman wearing a watch?

Cflmaior said...

@ Wayne: Actually it was Jimmy Olsen's broken signal watch, which Superman used (after he had lost his powers under a red sun) together with some bones and other stuff in order to defeat the weird animals pictured above. Later, Supes returned the repaired watch to Jimmy.