Monday, October 19, 2015

We Hate Superman! And Apparently, We Also Hate Long Pants!

Superman #188 had some "School for Super-Assassins" that seemed to exist for no reason other than killing Superman.  It sounds like a rather limited agenda, so I would hope they rented equipment rather than bought it.  I mean, you just don't want to buy stuff if you're only going to use it for a short time.

Anyway, they did give themselves awesome code names:

I would read a Kill Kid and the Murder Man comic.  And so would you.  Don't try to deny it.

Hey!  Let's watch Superman fight a giant hornet:

Hmmmmm... that was one short-acting Random Ray Usage (tm!).  It's a shame Superman didn't figure out earlier that the hornet was going to shrink back down to normal because that hornet is pretty much screwed now that Superman has bent his stinger.

Yes, we shall call that Unnecessary Animal Abuse! (tm!)

See you tomorrow!

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Evil said...

Yes but in the last panel he said the hornet's stinger would straighten.