Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In Which Bizarro Superman Fights... Well, I'm Not Going to Spoil It. IT'S AWESOME!

Superman #202 was nothing more than reprints of Bizarro stories from Adventure Comics gone by.

In other words, Superman #202 was awesome.

I loves me some Bizarro.  I can't make many comments because these comics aren't supposed to make sense, but I cannot deny their glory.

I love that little melee between the kids that takes place for no particular reason.  Good stuff!

I would swear that happened to me at least once.  I went to public schools.

Hmmmm... I'm not sure if we're still in Bizarro World or if we're at a United States Post Office.  More particularly, one of them in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Yeah.  I don't like my local Post Offices.  They've disappointed me too many times.

Hey!  Could it be??

It is!


Can't... handle... all... the... awesomeness.

Hey!  It's time for a Random Spanking! (tm!)

Psyche!  Nope!  We were Bizzaroed!  AWESOME!

Check out this thing:

Just in case your kids weren't totally into witchcraft after playing with that Ouji Board.

Here's a picture of the thing I swiped:

Happy Birthday, Junior!  The store was out of chemistry sets, so I thought I'd introduce you to the occult!

See you tomorrow!


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

A neighbor had a Ka-bala. My answer was always MURKY. ASK AGAIN LATER.

Twenty years later, when WEIRD TALES was revived, the editor who looked like Penn of Penn & Teller rejected each of my submissions by saying that the story was good, pointing out one or two things (which meant that this was not a form letter and actually typed on a manual typewriter), but that there was something "murky" in each story.

And this is the reason I hate Ka-bala. Thanks for reminding me of the late 1980s, Adam! (Haha, smile emogie, kill editor emogie)

Adam Barnett said...

When I was a child, I got a form letter from Jim Shooter about a plot synopsis I sent. It said that my work showed promise, or they would have sent me their less-encouraging form letter :-) I was so proud of it.