Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jeepers, Chief! I'm Busy Putting Together the Ugliest Superman Costume Ever!

Contributor Robert Gillis sent me stuff that's so good I may wait until I actually read the issue of Superman Comics they came from before I use them.  Meanwhile, here's some nonsense from issue #172:

The Daily Planet... Reporting the news that isn't terribly important since 1939.

Whoa!  I have some questions.

First, at this point, Superman was still looking for a way to enlarge the people of Kandor.  I think I may see a solution here that Superman totally misses.

Secondly, how do the Guardians feel about Green Lantern loaning his ring out?  The most powerful weapon in the universe in the hands of the most powerful guy in the universe?  Sure, why not?  Loan it out like a piece of Corningware at the church potluck!  What could possibly go wrong?

Geez, Lana... be a little more professional.  No one died here.

It's time for some Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!)

The Real Reason Costumed Vigilantes Rarely Testify in Court.

Check this out:

By way of backstory, Superman wasn't allowed to appear in costume because someone actually made it a crime.  Intellectual property law in Metropolis is a booger.

Despite the ugly costume, I think Former Superman would be an awesome premise for a series.  You couldn't go with Ex-Superman, because you know how Marvel's legal department is.

See you tomorrow!

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Cflmaior said...

He could also have gone by the title "Superman Emeritus", à la Joseph Ratzinger when he resigned the papacy.