Thursday, October 15, 2015

Superman Will Rescue You, But He Doesn't Have to LIKE You

Check out the attitude coming from Big Blue from Superman #185:

And that, my friends, was the entire thing concerning those teenagers.  I have never seen Superman insult people he was rescuing and frankly.... that seemed a little harsh.  Yeah, the kids were clearly not thinking, but they certainly didn't deserve all that from Supes.  Way harsh.

See you tomorrow!


Bengt said...

Damn teenagers! Get off my lawn!

Unknown said...

Who decides to climb Everest on a dare? And they appear to be doing without Sherpa's, oxygen, rope or other climbing equipment, and while dressed as extras from The Sound of Music.

Supes let them off easy if you ask me.

Railbus said...

...not to mention they had to get to NEPAL!