Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Supergirl is a Jerk

Journey with me, if you dare, as we check out the Supergirl story from Action Comics #326.  Linda is at the dance with boyfriend Dick, but not for long...

I would be remiss if I didn't point out the Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!) with "Dick is marvelously graceful," but that's not the point.

First: Dance with the one who brought you.  That's just good manners.

Second: Remember what Linda just did there, because I'm certainly going to bring it up again.

She senses they belong together, and she should go with that. Because her instincts are so reliable in that department.

It's not that you're a fool, Dick.  It's just that you need to get a little self-respect and lose Linda's number.

Anyway, check out the origin of the "living doll":

"A beloved male playmate."  Not that there's anything wrong with...

WHOA WHOA WHOA!  What the heck is going on here? Dolly may "love" Kara, but Dolly needs to sleep in whatever crate Dolly came in.  That is seriously messed up parenting there.

So, it's not like she was being mind-controlled or anything.  She has positive connotations of Al based on his looks, so she dumped poor Dick at the dance.  Supergirl, my friends, is a terrible person with a fetish for synthetic dudes.

Don't do what Supergirl did.

See you tomorrow!


Cflmaior said...

Adam, I beg to dissent. Not only Supergirl, but many women just love synthetic... oh... sorry... I misheard that last word.

Railbus said...

Note the saboteurs were only captured when two decided to defect and walked into FBI headquaters. Even then they had to argue with the fed leading the investigation before they'd arrest them!

Anonymous said...

Strangely, the batteries in Kara's play doll were depleted every morning.