Monday, June 2, 2014

Supergirl Shows Us What Women REALLY Want!

First, let's take a look at Clark Kent fleeing a pterodactyl: 

I just had to make sure we covered that little dandy from Action Comics #322.

Now, onto Extreme Makeover, Atlantis Edition from Action Comics #325:

Wow, they're pretty harsh.  I mean, it's nice that they improved her and everything, but it's still kind of rough to hear someone call the person you were yesterday "drab" and "backward," especially when that's the person you really are. 

Happy ending, right?

Nope.  Because she's a woman:

They only like you for your looks and personality?  Um... what else were you thinking?

Okay, first:  "Hobo" isn't nice.  That's like someone calling you "drab" and "backward."  Do unto others, Miss Thang!

And secondly: So, you don't want people to like you for your looks and personality.  You want them to like you based on your domestic skills.  Let the truth finally be told!

See you tomorrow!


MarvelX42 said...

Well, First of all: they shouldn't have changed her personality. Your personality is who you are. Society didn't approve of this woman's personality, so society is correct and she must be changed. Screw that! Be yourself. Same with the looks. Second: She isn't happy because now everyone wants to be around her and talk to her and be her friend just because of her new personality and looks, but then she sees a guy that was a "hobo" that originally she hadn't taken a second glance at but now she is swooning over him because he looks different? This woman is two faced in more ways than one!

Vince Coleman said...

changing your looks is a little odd, but changing your personality is down right scary.

and it doesn't seem like they had her permission, either, which makes it even freakier.

"yeah, we, um, changed your personality... hope you like it!!"

Adam Barnett said...

Anyone remember the awesome Squadron Supreme mini-series, where the heroes of the world did involuntary mind-altering of villains? A true classic.

MarvelX42 said...

I didn't read or collect any of the comics, but I did later read all about that entire storyline. It really seems like the sort of thing that might actually happen if that sort of superheroe team actually existed.

Vince Coleman said...

I am not familiar with that either, but it sounds AWESOME.

Adam Barnett said...

You should get the TPB. It's actually a thinly-veiled story of the JLA taking things too far. It's an amazing tale that's very well told.