Thursday, June 5, 2014

I Didn't Kill 'Em! I'll Fix That!

I have no idea how to designate this batch of Blue Beetle comics.  It's a series from the early 1940's, so it's still Golden Age, but the issues I talk about from this day forward are the ones published by Holyoke, so there won't be any more references to Kooba Cola.  I know... I'm sad, too.

Anyway, this is from issue #30.  I'm not sure what this version of the Blue Beetle is all about.  He's still Dan Garrett, and he seems to be wearing armor.  However... 

... how good can the armor be if a whack from a gun knocks him cold?

Anyway, he has a love interest who may or may not be the same one from the other series, but I don't think it is:

All I know is, all the corn mush lovey-dovey dialogue is really bringing down the Beetle's badass rating.

Be very quiet, Tina!

What's the use?

In dealing with the snakes?  None.  I just prefer you quiet.  Shut up, Tina.

This version of the Blue Beetle not only used guns, but he actually carried one around.  Which, if you think about it, makes him one of the more sane crime-fighters ever.

You carry a gun in your armpit?  Is that all the time?  Because I would think that even the smallest of guns jammed up in one's armpit would be... shall we say, unwieldy.  And if you're knocked unconscious (which for the Golden Age Blue Beetle, I would imagine is quite regularly) does the gun fall out?  I don't even want to know where you hide your car keys.

Anyway... GUNS!:

Hrm... that's not as visually interesting as seeing someone get punched or kicked.  This is probably why I'm not a big Punisher fan.

Here's an interesting PSA:

Wow.  I'd be surprised to see anything like that in this day and age!

And there's this:

Hmmm... threatening me with no more comics would probably have a lot more "oomph" if this comic wasn't so terrible, but point made.

Interesting stuff!  See you tomorrow!


gummboote said...

"Witzke committed his sabotage, whereas Haupt failed. Haupt - American educated..."

That's not much of an advert for American education, is it?

J. L. Bell said...

The case of those German saboteurs ended up providing the legal backing for the Bush-Cheney administration's attempt at military tribunals. And folks say you can't learn anything good from comics.