Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Hangman... Worst Animal Control Officer, Ever

Checking out the Hangman story from Pep Comics #23:


You're not winning any beauty contests yourself, Junior.

Did you ever see The Elephant Man?  I saw it when I was a kid and the way he was tormented was too much for my young brain at the time.

Anyway, the sideshow worker has had enough and decides to kill every handsome person he can think of.

Yeah, that old trope.

He has an impressive way of insulting people while he kills them, though:

And the Hangman fights a gorilla, so there's always that:

That was a pretty sad showing.  The difference between someone awesome like Batman and a lame-o like the Hangman is that Batman would never let anyone know he was having trouble with the gorilla.  He might think it, but we all know that Bruce would never let anyone see him sweat.

He "dived" through the mirrors?  You may be more attractive, sir, but your grasp of the English language is far inferior to that of your opponent!

Here's a nightmare waiting to happen:

"Boy Buddies"?  Oh, man....

... and yet I'm totally going to find this.  I don't think it stands a chance of "giving me the time of my life," but I don't know that I can go through life not reading this.

See you tomorrow!


Yael said...

Sorry to be That Person, but since you started with the linguistic nitpicking - 'dived' is actually a legitimate variant. From the Oxford Concise dictionary:

■ verb (past and past participle dived; US also dove dəʊv)

See? If he's British, it's totally fine. If he's American, I guess it might be a regional thing (note the 'also'). Either way, it ain't a mistake.

MarvelX42 said...


Adam Barnett said...

Oh, it's technically correct... it's just clunky. He's not in the same league as anyone who can call someone a "foppish nincompoop" under stress.