Friday, September 13, 2013

I Padded the Suit... With My Muscles!

Some weirdness from Action Comics #119:

I'm not sure what's involved in "muscle shrinkage."  I mean, flexing wouldn't shrink your muscles, so did he somehow dehydrate his muscles, turning himself into walking beef jerky?  That would be gross.

This one tickled me a bit:

I padded the suit, Lois... with my real muscles!  Note the fullness of the crotchal region...

I still don't understand this:

Yeah, the Flash did it, too.  How is it possible to follow something if you're moving so fast you can't be seen?  Wouldn't Superham zip right past the helicopter?  Of course he would!  This just seems like lazy writing.

And now, courtesy of Golden Age Green Lantern #10, we have another installment of Well... Touche! (tm!):

Well... Touche! (tm!)

Since I seem to be focused on things I don't understand, check out what I believe is the first time we see the 24 hour time limit on GL's ring:

That never made a lot of sense to me, either.  So, if he only uses the ring to comb his hair once or twice, it'll fizzle after 24 hours.  If he uses it to dam Lake Hudson, it'll work for 24 hours.  I'm not a GL nerd, but I think this has been corrected to be based on energy expenditures and not an arbitrary time limit, but it was that way for a good 50 years.

See you Monday!


MarvelX42 said...

I really wish that someone would come out with a comprehensive list of all of the different powers that Supes has been shown to have had over the years. The total muscle control was one of them. I think that at one point he could shoot little Supermen from his hands. Not to even get into the stuff, some of which you have even mentioned, such as "wall rebuilding vision and amnesia kissing. Granted these last two are from a movie, but yeah.

MarvelX42 said...

Oh, also Supes could follow something slow with superspeed if he perhaps zipped back and forth towards and away from it. Thing is it would just be way easier for him to just sit back and watch it with telescopic and x-ray vision until it got really close to where it was going and then just zip there really quick. Yup, lazy writing indeed.

Aaron Carine said...

Somehow I always assumed that the amnesia kissing in Superman III involved some kind of drug.

Buzz said...

I've seen that "fly/run too fast for eyes to see" thing so many times, and not once did I ever think to question it. Now I can't see why I never did. Thanks, Adam!!

I also assumed that the amnesia kissing in the movie involved some kind of drug, too. Or maybe some kind of Kryptonian technology from the Fortress of Solitude...

This issue is kind of timely for me, since I just watched a couple of Superman movies with my five year old son (trying to get him into the same stuff I was into as a kid, like thousands of nerds-turned-fathers around the globe. My ex-hippie dad tried that with me, and I wound up fostering a severe hatred for Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones... I hope my boy doesn't grow up to hate superheroes!!)