Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I Have Another Crevice Where You Can Stick Your Hat, Lois!

For the record, ladies, nothing is more unattractive than a chick with entitlement issues.  Thusly, from Action Comics #159:

Don't worry, Supes.  I'm sure she'll let you buy her dinner and drive her to the airport later.

Why?  Why does he put up with her?


Mr. Whimple learned the hard way that codependent behavior didn't count for much at the Peabody School for Popularity.

And should a "School for Popularity" even allow a vote for "most unpopular student"?  I mean, it's like a declaration of failure if someone attends your school to become popular and then everyone gets together to tell him he's not.  I think someone needs his tuition refunded.

From America's Best Comics #10:

Okay, I'm not saying he should turn this into a really low-budget feature for Cinemax, but ...

... don't you think that Eaglet having to save American Eagle from women is a bit much?  I mean, this is a full-grown man, and we're acting like he's off to get a cooties shot.

And "Eaglet" is one of the worst names for a sidekick, ever.  This includes poor chumps like Bucky and Tim who went around using their real names.

See you tomorrow!


Smurfswacker said...

This whole "saving the hero from women" thing popped up constantly in GA comics. At Quality both Arizona Raines and that pirate who resembled the Spirit ended almost every story with the boy sidekick wresting the hero away from an amorous woman. This probably offers a strong argument that these comics had homoerotic undertones--though I honestly believe that wasn't the intention.

Aaron Carine said...

I wonder if the Shield's aversion to relations with women was mentioned in Seduction of the Innocent.

Adam Barnett said...

I don't think it was the intention, either. I imagine they thought (a) it was funny - although nothing is funny if you do it as often as these guys did and (b) it was reflecting the attitude of the young boys reading the comics regarding girls. Or both. But yeah, I could imagine Dr. Wertham having a field day with this one in SOTI.