Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I was about to put down Action Comics #159 after seeing that, much to my disappointment, Superham and Lois Lane were still alive at the end of their story, when I came upon a "Captain Tootsie" ad.  As was often the case, the ad was hiding a nugget of awesome:

I love it when people explain things to kids and then they tell them not to do it.  You know that every kid who saw that went out looking for a snake to grab.  And yes, I recognize that "snake grabbing" is a euphemism, and a great one at that.

And yes, what Captain Tootsie says would also make for some good Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!)  Decisions had to be made.

Meanwhile, I once again found myself finding a legitimate piece of wisdom hidden in a Golden Age comic.  Check out this bit from Golden Age Green Lantern #11: 

This was actually quite profound.  Regardless of income level or social position, everyone benefits when everyone watches out for each other.  Nice!

Suddenly! (tm!)

Fellas, never begin a declaration of love with any indication that you're overlooking something about the object of your affections.  Just... don't do that.

See you tomorrow!


Yael said...

Also, judging by her reaction, this is actually not 'love' as much as it's sexual harassment.
Note, fellas: if you have the hots for somebody (crook or not), make sure it's mutual before you grab and kiss them. Despite what old comics might show you, this is NOT okay, and I advise you not to try it.

Marc said...

I wouldn't like to think how poisonous a tartan snake must be (and them Scots only wearing kilts at that...)