Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'll Smoke Your Britches! Wednesday!

So, I'm wandering through a copy of Monte Hale #50 (as I'm sure you all have a copy of it laying around somewhere), and the first thing I think is "Wow!  This made it 50 issues?"

Actually, the comic adventures of this B-Western star (and fellow Oklahoman) made it 54 issues.  Considering the lifespan of some comics put out today, that's either darn impressive or a monument to how unfair the comic business is, depending on how you choose to see it.

I'll save you the trouble of tracking it down.... here is some Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!)

Any comic that has Gabby Hayes giving Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!) has contributed to our shared history, so we salute ye, Monte Hale!

Speaking of Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!), here's a dandy from Amazing Spider-Man #53!:

That's a loyal girlfriend for you.  If you ever wonder why Gwen is spoken with such reverence, you may wonder no more.  If I gave Beloved an "itch," we'd be in marriage counselling.  

Hey!  It's Something that Only SOUNDS Offensive! (tm!), from Amazing Spider-Man #55:

Even considering the source of the statement, I'm sure Pete was like, "Wait.  What?"

Here's an interesting ad from the Golden Age Daredevil #17:

I like any toy that promises to give a child a "shrill siren."  I also like the way girls are deliberately left out as a potential consumer ("All your BOY friends will want a kit" - which also makes it sound like "all your boyfriends will want a kit," which is fine, but I don't think that's what they're trying to say), promises that walking around and getting in the way of the real Air Wardens will make you "the most popular boy on the block" and no longer having to envy your father's "strut."

That was some seriously awesome ad copy.  Whoever wrote that should be immortalized on Mad Men.

See you tomorrow!


jacob nameri said...

your posts convince me that laghter is the best medecine

MarvelX42 said...

I could swear that you did the air raid warden ad before.

Railbus said...

I think by the time this ad run, we were all more concerned about thermonuclear warheads rather than bombers and gas attacks...

Fred W. Hill said...

Dang, Gwen was so cute she made me itchy! And, oh, those advertisers of old, making war and the possibility of getting bombed or straffed so much fun! Come on, kids, be the first on your block to get yourself blown to smithereens! Making a profit by making the tykes feel useful while all the real men went off to kick ass on the battlefield.