Thursday, November 4, 2010

Big Orders from Mr. Jay Can Also Make You the Subject of a DEA Investigation Thursday!

One thing that the writers of Batman stories conveniently overlooked was Dick (Robin) Grayson's schooling. It was just kind of a given that he went to school or kept up with classes somehow, but while he was occasionally seen with a classmate or forced to stay home and work on his lessons while Batman went on patrol, I'm not so sure Dick wasn't a truancy problem.

I give you Detective Comics #365:

No kiddin'?  "Mr. Jay" might actually be the Joker?  That's some pretty hardcore deductive reasoning, Dick!  I guess that's the kind of steel-trap brain-work that I could never hope to achieve, since I wasn't trained by the World's Greatest Detective.

It's that Dick looks so pleased with himself, when he basically has solved a puzzle that ranks in difficulty with an episode of Blue's Clues.  Alfred, who had several stories about his own amateur sleuthing days, looks equally disgusted I can't say I blame him.

More deductive brilliance from Dick Grayson:

Dick, you're shitting me.  I thought this was a White Castle restaurant, and was about to place my order.  Good thing I have you along!

What?  We have to fight our way out of this?  I was going to just stand here and wait until they ran out of bullets by emptying their guns into my chest cavity, but we'll try it your way.  Deductive reasoning and tactical brilliance in the battlefield?  No wonder you go on to lead the Titans, my lad!  It's a proud day for me!

And I'm really trying to taper off my Things I Find Disturbing (tm!) entries with the Elongated Man, but I had to show you this:

Yes, Ralph elongated his forehead!  How could I not post that?

See you tomorrow!


Britt Reid said...

"Yes, Ralph elongated his forehead! How could I not post that?"

Now THAT'S muscle control.
I'll bet Sue's nickname for Ralph was "Mr. Fantastic", but he couldn't use it in public due to trademark limitations! No wonder she always seemed to have a rather satisfied smirk on her face. ;-)

Justin Garrett Blum said...

All of this aside, it is kind of awesome that Joker's headquarters is in an actual head.

Adam Barnett said...

Justin, the cover to this issue was awesome:

Covers in the 1960's were actually pretty neat, by and large! In the 70's and 80's.... not so much. But the 60's were great!

Anonymous said...

Robin wasn't very well developed in the early days. It gave you the feeling that the adult writers had no idea how to write an realistic young teenage boy without him sounding like Beaver from "Leave it to Beaver", and having him act like a five year old boy who thought girls were icky. So they just gave up and made him Mr.Exposition instead!

As for that last panel... it made me think of this really trippy cartoon called FLCL, Aka Fooly Cooly. in the first episode it had a young boy who had a similar forehead growth on his forehead only for it to turn into a portal where an robot pops out of his head.
Things just get weirder from there on.

Justin Garrett Blum said...

The House that Joker Built. Nice.

The low point for comic book covers for me was that short period around the turn of this century when every cover at Marvel was just a pin-up, giving you absolutely no indication what the story was about.

Zocktastic said...

Everything you wrote in itallics, I can't help but hear coming out of Batman's mouth right after Robin's little expository remarks. It's just the kind of douchery that the modern Bats would partake in. Well, at least the All-Stars version.

Will said...

Yeah, ok, but what the heck is up with that pitcher that Alfred is holding? How's that supposed to work?

-- Allergy