Monday, November 8, 2010

Broomsticks and Nipple Rays Monday!

Is your Spider Sense tingling? You should probably see a doctor.


"Spidey Saves the Day"?
"The End of the Green Goblin"?

Hey, spoiler alert!  I guess there's 12 cents I can spend somewhere else.  I'm certainly not a marketing genius, but I'm pretty sure you sell more comics when you don't put the ending on the cover.

But I'm here, and it's here, so I guess I'll read it anyway.  Most self-respecting Nerdlingers know that this is the issue where the identity of the Green Goblin has been revealed and the obligatory origin story is told by the bad guy himself:

Nice dramatic flashback.  Only problem is, it's wrong.

The Goblin didn't use that glider in the beginning.  He flew on a rocket-powered, uncomfortably-phallic "broomstick":

See?  That's right.  You read enough Detective Comics in a row (and goodness knows, I have for the past month or so), and you start noticing stuff.

You also notice things like Kraven's Nipple Rays! (tm?):

Oh, my.  Seriously?  No one at Marvel looked at that and said, "Hey, did you guys notice those rays are coming out of Kraven's nipples?"

Mary Jane Watson.....

.... meant well, but that girl was exhausting back in the day.  She's that one person who "helps" you move but gets distracted by everything and anything.  Do you know why?  Because when the alternative is moving stuff, everything takes on a new level of entertainment value. "Hey, I've never wanted to watch all 27 hours of that Lord of the Rings deluxe set you have here, but I'm really in the mood.  Can we take a break?"  

See you tomorrow!


Britt Reid said...

They're not "nipple rays".
They're "lion-head design eyes' rays"!
BIG difference!

Britt Reid said...

"You read enough Detective Comics in a row (and goodness knows, I have for the past month or so), and you start noticing stuff."

So why didn't you notice that Green Goblin had his weapons bag on the right on the cover of Spidey #14, yet wears it on the left in the story itself, and all succeeding appearances since?
What would The Batman think? ;-(

MarvelX42 said...

That Green Goblin panel is a memory not a photograph. Gobby is just so used to his glider that that is the way he remembers it. Memorys aren't perfect.

Adam Barnett said...

MarvelX42, are YOU going to try and tell Norman Osborn his memory ain't perfect???

MarvelX42 said...

Nope! But you already said it, so....

But anyways, his mental instabilty is even more reason why the panel is "wrong".