Monday, November 29, 2010

Glurg! My Face is Full of Egg-Rolls! Monday!

Time for some holiday shenanigans from Detective Comics # 382 and 383!

You know, considering Batman's claim to fame is that he's human but compensates for it by always being one step ahead of the enemy, it seems that he was a little lazy here.  I mean, if there's a group of criminals called "The Smokescreen Mob," maybe you might prepare for, oh I don't know.... a smokescreen?!

Back to the classics:

Arrrgh!  Disabled by playing cards in my face!  It's an attack for which there is no defense.

And once you've used up the cards....

That's right!  Use the poker chips!  Yes, they probably sting a little more than playing cards, but poker chips are about as heavy as checkers, which is to say not at all. Considering the maniacs always breaking out of Arkham Asylum, your average Gotham City lowlife was really pretty easy to subdue.

No, if you're going to throw something stupid in someone's face (like egg-rolls), do it right:

See?  That's the way you take someone out by tossing something in their face! 


.... loves fresh fortune cookies.

See you tomorrow!


Britt Reid said...

I think it was an Ambush Bug story where the hero tried to use poker chips and playing cards to escape from foes. When it failed, he hit them with a roulette wheel, whcih obviously worked!

As to the fortune cookies...
As it was, the cookies took a boat trip from Hong Kong, at best a week's travel.
Then, the train came cross-country from San Francisco on the West Coast, and everyone knows Gotham City is on the East Coast, taking two to four days, how "fresh" could those cookies be?
And considering fortune cookies are like Twinkies, baked with enough preservatives to keep them edible until the inevitable day when apes take over the planet, "freshness" isn't really a requirement!

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Made by Keebler elves? If they came from Hong Kong, maybe they were fortune cookies and one of them held a clue in the fortune?

MarvelX42 said...

Batman was gonna go on Robins theory and wasn't even going to ask the shop owner if he happened to know anything? What kind of Detective is he? A good detective gathers as many good, solid, easily available facts before he goes off trying "theory's".