Thursday, July 8, 2010

Save the World from Excessive Gum Wrappers Thursday!

From Detective #242, where Robin is determined to usurp Aqualad as the most useless sidekick ever:

Robin! What did I tell you about unnecessarily expository dialogue??? Now we're screwed!

Just one question:

When did the Batcave get a fireplace? I haven't seen one before or since. Is this when Batman takes a break from solving crimes, props his feet up with a good book, a decanter of Hennessey Four-Star Brandy and makes s'mores? What's going on here?

Oh, Superman:

There was nothing else going on that day that you could chew all that gum, steal a bunch of bikes, and wait around for the kids to come back out? Frankly, I'm just happy that Billy and John aren't shooting each other or sharing needles.

Yes, society has worn me down. My expectations are that low.

See you tomorrow!

1 comment:

Britt Reid said...

I'm in the Bizzaro World (Htrae, to you non-fanboys)...a Curt Swan Batman cover and Bob Kane (studio) Superman PSA!
And since the BatCave is literally a second home to Bruce and Dick, why NOT a fireplace? (Caves are damp and chilly!) I just wonder where the chimney vents...