Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Rainbow of Dazzling Action Thursday!

I have made it abundantly clear that we are a gay friendly site here at CMNS, so it is with good-natured love that we take a look at the legendary Detective Comics #241:

I must dress in a different-colored costume every night, because while I am a grim avenger of evil, I can still look FABULOUUUUUS!

I'm not giving my reasons yet.... although the obvious reason is that I look FABULOUUUUUUUUS!

They make it too easy sometimes, my friends. Too easy.

Hey! It's time for Fun with Out-of-Context Dialogue!(tm!):

Whatever you've got in your pocket, that's where it stays. Unless you buy me dinner and let me order the lobster.

Notice he didn't vow to never use those costumes again.

See? I took the first page of the actual story and then I put it at the end, because that's where I think Robin's "Now wait a minute" pose needs to go. It reads much better that way, don't you think? I'm writing comics of my own now, you know.

Boy, if my old man had seen me reading this when I was growing up, he would have pooped watermelons.

See you tomorrow!


Britt Reid said...

"...tonight you're wearing the red!"

Robin, YOU'RE wearing Red!
Batman's wearing Magenta, or for the non-four color print-oriented, Pink!
Is Robin color-blind or does he need a new mask? (Didn't they establish that Batman and Robin have lenses in those masks?)

BTW, Robin's red vest is Magenta and Yellow together. Batman has NO Yellow in his "red" costume on the cover (but does on the splash page of the story)!

Anonymous said...

I love how batman actually only wore red in that first page that you posted last...but the rest of the time it was clearly pink.

Britt--apparently everyone was color-blind... robin wasn't the only one who refereed it to as the "red" costume. :P

Zocktastic said...

Man, I've been wondering what the heck Bats was thinking with these weird get-ups since I first saw that cover on this very site. And I never thought I'd say this, but now that I know the reason, I actually think it's pretty cool. Inexplicably wearing garish colors to cause people to subconsciously ignore Robin and his potentially secret-identity-breaking injury is fairly clever, and also rather selfless, which is ultimately Silver age Batman at his best, right?

okieqt said...

I would NOT suggest the white (not-so-colorful & eye-catching)garb. Birds flying by will find that giant target irresistible!!