Friday, July 30, 2010

Maniaks, Bugaloos and Woody Allen Friday!

So, when we last left Showcase, you might recall The Maniaks, who weren't nearly as cool as the Monkees and probably weren't even as cool as the Bugaloos, who also had their own comic in 1971:

But, to be fair, the Maniaks were at least as cool as Nickelback.

Anyway, the Maniaks did a three issue stint in Showcase, but it was interrupted in issue #70 (between their second and third appearances) by Leave it to Binky:

Yes, as you can see, that's what it was called: "Leave it to Binky." And pretty much every story ended with that line, so you can imagine how hi-freakin'-larious it was. And yes, it was the same Binky who was in all those public service announcements with his fashion-challenged and undiagnosed mentally challenged brother, Allergy, who actually appeared in this series as well.

The whole thing was about Binky's various attempts at getting chicks by acting like that unfixed dog who keeps jumping over your fence and chasing your poodle around your yard until you frantically turn the garden hose on him, and getting you-know-what blocked by his rival at every turn. I'm really not sure what they were going for, but perhaps it was to give you a moment to collect yourself before they hit you with the crescendo of the Maniaks' magnum opus:

Yes, your worn eyes do not deceive you, my brothers. This issue did, indeed, guest star Woody Allen. Because apparently, back in the day, Woody Allen could pimp a comic book. They should do that today. You know, before they really kill off Agents of Atlas again, maybe they should shove Woody Allen in there.

Oh, and do a Civil War musical while you're at it:

Because you know, the only thing less entertaining than watching a Civil War musical is reading a Civil War musical. And I'm just using the above panel as an example. This issue is loaded with songs about the Civil War set to the tune of songs nobody knows anymore. You don't know what I go through to bring this blog to you people. You just don't know!

One of these days, I'm going to read those Jerry Lewis and Bob Hope comics just to see how much I can stand it before I gouge out my own eyes.

See you Monday!


MarvelX42 said...

I remember seeing some Bugaloos on tv. That was some trippy stuff.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the Civil War comic is a kind of "Do it yourself" musical? After all, you can select which tunes seem to go best with the words.

I think her song requires an Abba tune of some sort. Still working on it. That first line is causing me physcial pain though....


Britt Reid said...

Ah, the Bugaloos. I had such a crush on Joy (Caroline Ellis), cute, perky, great legs!
Now THERE'S a Kroft production that should be remade!
With all the influence The Monkees had on these teen comics, could you do an entry about their Dell comic series?
Weird Trivia: Did you know he art on The Monkees trading card packages was done by Marvelous Marie Severin?

MarvelX42 said...

Michael Nesmith's mother invented "white out" in case noone knew that already.

Adam Barnett said...

Britt, I happen to have scored a COMPLETE Monkees set! I'll be doing that one soon!

The Bugaloos was a four issue run, and I have *none*.... SOB! Ah, well... it gives me something to look for....

Sea-of-Green said...

How about a musical based on the signing of the Declaration of Independence?

But, darned if 1776 isn't a very entertaining musical. ;-)

Allergy said...

I resent that.

And am I to understand that Woody Allen wrote a musical about the Civil War? It seems... out of character, somehow.