Friday, July 16, 2010

My Shield Goes WOOOOOOSH! Friday!

I'm speculating here, but I imagine that Marvel felt pressure to make SuperPro work. My guess is it was either due to contractual obligations or a desire to score as many football tickets as possible. But I'm sure the writing was on the wall as to how things were going, so it was time for a Very Special Guest Star! (tm!):

Look at the expression on Cap's face. Here, I'll give you a close-up:

This isn't happening! This isn't happening!

That's right, kids! Drugs are bad!

Then again, so is dog-fighting and domestic violence, but there you go.

I think these guys are real NFL people:

I guess someone thought they'd get a kick out of being in a comic book or something. I've never been in a comic book myself, but I think I'd rather not be in a comic than have my one and only comic book appearance be in an issue of SuperPro.

Oh, I almost forgot: Captain America is in this issue. Here's the gist of it, for you Captain America fans:

Does Captain America have fans? I can't imagine why. He reminds me of Superman - one of those guys whose heart is just a little too pure not to be obnoxious.

Oh, but I digress. Anyway, this is his big contribution to keeping SuperPro on the racks:

Yes, he threw his shield and jumped into view. Stan Lee and whoever owns the NFL thank you for your buck and a quarter, Captain America fans (whoever you are!)!

There was one great moment:

Yes, it's out of context. If this comes as a surprise, you must be a new reader. Welcome!

See what I mean? Don't you just want to slug that smug grin right off his face? I can't believe people like this guy.

Yeah, SuperPro, I think Cap just handed you an expired bus pass. There is no way you guys are hanging out. No. Freakin'. Way.

See you Monday!


LoreNZo! said...

Wow! So is that pic of Cap chowing down on Super-Niffle's leg a precursor of the Marvel Zombies comics? If so, coooool!

Btw, I have been trawling back thru your archives for the past few weeks, and have had more laff-out-loud moments than playing "Yes, I'm your son - give me your money" @ the Alzheimer's Institute. Cheers!

LoreNZo! said...

Oh, P.S: Where can I send panels for you to consider using as "fillers"?

Anonymous said...

AHHHHHH!!!!!!!! Captain America is a vampire! Ugh, that panel makes me feel a bit ill.

Yes, I often find that just wearing the costume is half the battle. That and the fact that I would get my @r$e kicked by the first load of yobs walking past. They don't seem too concerned whether my heart is pure or not, just whether I might be carrying a gun, and sometimes even that doesn't bother them.

Is the Avenger's gym much more special than any other gym? I sense some smug patrionising going on here.


Adam Barnett said...

Hi, Lorenzo! Welcome aboard!

You can send panels to comicsmakenosense (at) gmail (dot) com


Britt Reid said...

"Wearing the right costume is half the battle."
This from the man who tripped over his own cape in his first appearance as Nomad (remember that?)!

"And yours certainly has the right colors."
Uh, Cap, the Russian flag is red-white-and-blue, too!

And note the last panel...there's NO star on Cap's back!
Could he be...the 50s Cap??? (Actually, he HAD the star on the back.
It's his stripes that didn't run all the way around his torso!)

God, I'm such a comics geek!

D.B. Echo said...

Cap usually doesn't have that goofy grin on his face these days - or that preposterous nuscle tone. Really, I think he was faking that smile for the artist. "Give me a call. Ha ha, no. That's actually the number for a bankruptcy attorney. As a professional athlete, you'll be needing it eventually."

Boy, if Crossbones only knew, I bet he would've shot SuperPro instead of Cap.

Unca Jeffy said...

I'm gonna get in trouble for saying this, but it's like I've always believed...Sports ruin EVERYTHING!

To take something with so much inherent fun as comics and make them boring. It's like the average 1 hour football game on TV that takes 3 1/2 hours to play.

SallyP said...

That's one meaty leg. I don't blame Cap in the least.

MarvelX42 said...

Does Cap just invite every yahoo in a costume round to Avengers Mansion to work out in the gym? I mean for all Cap know the whole thing could have been a set up to gain Caps trust. You would think of all people who would know better it would be Cap! I wonder what would have happened if he had actually gone round to the Avengers headquarters.
-"Hi, I'm SupNFLerpro. Captain America told me I could come and work out here."
-"You are who? I've never heard of you."
-"Well he gave me this card here."
-"Yes well I don't know how you got this, but you aren't coming in here."
-"But Captain America said...Well can you at least ask him? He will tell you he knows me."
-"I can't 'ask him' he is off fighting Thanos or the Red Skull or some such. Now go away."

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember the episode of Arli$$ with SuperPro?

Adam Barnett said...

WHAT? There was an episode of Arli$$ with SuperPro? Someone better explain this!