Thursday, July 22, 2010

Leopard-Print Speedos Thursday!

Whew! It's always good to get a little assist in the material department. Today's panels were contributed by CMNS pal Robert Gillis!:

From Adventure Comics #181:

Apparently, this was the Mask of a Hero back in the 1950's. Frankly, I think it's the Mask of Something Children Are Afraid Is Hiding Under the Bed and Waiting to Murder Them In Their Sleep, but this is clearly my grandfather's generation, and as we all know by the chain letters our grandparents send us, they clearly know what they're talking about.

From Adventure #182. I admit I don't understand people who keep up with entertainment news because I have a rule that I don't put any investment into the lives of people who don't pay any attention to mine. So, when a celebrity dies or goes to the slammer, my official position is indifference unless I think they would come to my funeral or visit me in the joint. But apparently, fascination with the lives of others has been around for awhile:

Considering what usually went on in Smallville, that must have been one painfully slow news day, even by Society Page standards.

Hey! Technology from Adventure #164! I can only imagine the chaos in classrooms today if we had to tote around little bottles of ink.

Thank goodness I had a bottle of caffeine-infused sugar water! Just what you need before wrestling an octopus!

I note that the victim's main reason for living is R.C. Cola. I'm the first to say I love some R.C., especially with a Moon Pie, but someone in that boat needs rehab.

Thanks, Robert!

See you tomorrow!


D.B. Echo said...

"So, ummm...dead octopus. Do you think that ink company is buying? By the way, wold you mind not pointing your crotchural area right at my face?"

Britt Reid said...

"I can't get a clear shot so I'll have to shoot and pray!"

Thank God the guy Quickie depending to save his life is hopped up on caffeine and sugar!
THAT'LL help keep his aim steady!

Between panels five and six, Quickie somehow lost both his mask and fins!
I presume the Comics Code kept his trunks on...

kq said...

With a name like Quickie I'm guessing he isn't a big hit with the ladies.

Zocktastic said...

"Unfortunately, 'R.C' mistook the bottles of Royal Crown cola for his goggles in his sugar-induced frenzy, jamming the bottles of delicious cola goodness into his eyes."

I notice that while "R.C." is in quotation marks, Quickie is not. That would imply that Quickie is that guy's real name.

People, I believe we may have found the world's most evil parents. After Batman Jones' folks, of course.