Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lean, Mean and Fully Trademarked Tuesday!

Look, no one is enjoying SuperPro, but if I have to read it, the least you can do is suffer the lowlights. We're all in this together.

From SuperPro #5:

I guess the message is to keep up with your studies or something. Stay in school, kids!


Unca Jeffy said...

I feel so cold. So very, very cold. Is..is it getting dark in here?

Who knew a comic book could be so awful it gives you flu-like symptoms.

MarvelX42 said...

to paraphrase 2001

"My god......It's full of crap."

I am REALLY glad that you didn't go for all the REALLY easy gay jokes in there.

Britt Reid said...

"...but if I have to read it, the least you can do is suffer the lowlights."
What you do in the privacy of your home is your business. ;-)

At the very least, where are the half-naked cheerleaders?
I need SOMETHING to justify reading entries regarding SuperPro!

"Ken's only chance--is an end run by NFL SuperPro"
Where's Forbush-Man when ya need him?

J sub D said...

Oh my!

I've seen some horrible comics, and that may be the most insipid, moronic superhero comic I've ever been unfortunate enough to witness.

In a just society, someone would have been prosecuted for this travesty.

Anonymous said...

MarvelX42--He doesn't need to make any Gay jokes because that series is one BIG gay joke. enough said. ;)

Joseph said...

Considering the real Lawrence Taylor's current (and former) issues with the law, I'm surprised SuperPro/NFL Man/Marketing Ploy didn't attack him first.