Friday, May 29, 2009

Grey Gargoylin' Friday!

From Avengers v1 #191. I was never a huge fan of the Grey (or is it Gray?) Gargoyle. He's.... well, he's grey (or is it "gray"?). Not exactly a colorful bad guy. And he has a mustache. Mustaches annoy me.

But he gets mad props for attitude and dialogue:

See? That's how you get into your opponent's head! And he's right. Thor may have questionable fashion sense, speak in annoying King James English and be in desperate need of a visit to Supercuts, but he's still Thor. Cool as the Vision is, he's no Thor.

But there's a technical problem with this guy:

Catch that? "With my exposed right palm", but he never takes off the glove. And it's not like this was just a one-time glitch; I've never seen him take off the glove when he goes all "tactile Medusa" on someone. Is the palm exposed while his fingers are covered by the glove? If so, why bother with a glove at all? And what if he has an itch and is eating a burrito with his left hand? See? All kinds of questions here.

But more importantly, next issue has the greatest off-camera character ever:

Sadly, we never know who says that line, and I'm pretty sure we never see him again, but Mr. "Hep' Yo Seff Suckah" gets a free pass into the Character Hall of Fame.

See you Monday!


Jon K said...

I'm pretty sure it had been long-established by this point that the Gargoyle's right glove had a cut-out for the palm so he did, indeed, have an exposed palm.

Adam Barnett said...

Seems kinda silly to have a glove with a cut-out palm.... was it so he would have some kind of symmetry with his other, fully-gloved hand?

Erich said...

I guess it was so he could pick up or otherwise handle things with his right hand, just as long as he was careful to use only his fingers and not grasp his entire hand around whatever he was holding.

Adam DW said...

Something I love to hate about old comics is the characters constantly explaining their powers to one another. Damn Gargoyle, they know what your power is just use it!

Anonymous said...

WOW. Thats some trash talk. next time I'm in the miidle of Road Rage, I'll call someone a "Hallow-voiced Prattler."