Tuesday, May 5, 2009

MacGyver Week Tuesday!

Dear Ones,

Beloved is home and on the mend. She's not feeling great, but is doing as well as can be expected. Nurse Adam is on the job. Thanks to everyone for their well-wishes!

I'm hoping to resume regular posts soon, but for now, enjoy the MacGyver-Bigfoot fight!

More MacGyver fights tomorrow!


mwb said...

Awesome - I had completely forgot this had happened.

It's MacGyver week, but you have to mention the Bionic Bigfoot from $6 Million Dollar Man, right? ;-)

Sea-of-Green said...

Go, Bigfoot, go!

Glad Beloved is home -- and has a nice guy like you to take care of her. :-)

Anonymous said...


You are so right. Adam is so wonderful. Thank you for the kind note to him.

Belasco said...

Since Adam is doing a fine job, looks like there is no need to call Linda Carter: Student Nurse.

Greetings and Best Wishes from Brazil