Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things You MUST Know Wednesday!

Night Nurse wears a cape when she's in public. Because it looks bitchin'.

Safety tip!::::

You probably should not ride in a car being driven by someone who says "accident investigation is booming!" I just don't know that he has the right frame of mind for driving you around.

And, lest I forget:

Banana Stamp! All hail Banana Stamp!

And finally:

Night Nurse does not fear malpractice suits. That's why she deserves to wear the cape.

Whee! I'm having fun! See you tomorrow!


SallyP said...

I can understand her wanting to wear a cape. They are remarkably stylish. The cap on the other hand...!

Matthew Allison said...

"Sorry! I didn't see you were a nurse. The nurse's uniform threw me off."

Adam DW said...

I think the strangest thing about Night Nurse is that the art is actually good.

Zocktastic said...

Stop! Banana stamp! *doom doom tsh doom doom da-tsh*

Larry E said...

For a very short time back then, I collected stamps and actually had the banana stamp. It was from one of those island nations with a population of 2000 or so that prints overruns of their stamps for the sole purpose of selling them to collectors (much like the US Post Office does now).
But it was still cool.

Anonymous said...

It's weird, but on the cover she's shouting "Run!" which implies the girl should sprint forward in front of the speeding car, not jump back.
How about "Look out!!" ?

Really enjoyed your Night Nurse survey. Besides the soapy melodrama, the art is pretty good and it's an interesting artifact of 1972. My mom was a nurse in NYC at this time - no cape, though!