Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wild Mood Swingin' Daredevil Thursday (aka Wild Mood Swingin' Daredevil Wednesday ver. 2.0)

In a rare moment of identity confusion, Daredevil channels longtime Justice League mascot Snapper Carr. Feast your orbs on this, Daddy-O!

"Like, snapping fingers is the coolest!"

Some guy advice for Matt Murdock: That's the kind of word choice that Karen will use against you in the courtroom while she petitions for a restraining order.

I keep waiting for him to finish the thought with, "So I cannot rest until I am wearing a button-down shirt made of your skin."


When I was a kid, I wore glasses. Allow me to speak from experience: You cannot wear glasses under a mask. Shenanigans!

I call that technique the "Reverse-Batman." In the future (just so you'll have something to look forward to) I'll post the many incidents where Batman will be in disguise and the disguise will come off, revealing that bulky cowl (complete with the pointy bat-ears) underneath that was somehow concealed by a wig.

I keep you wanting more, don't I?


Sea_of_Green said...

Adam, it's THURSDAY. :-) Sorry -- blame it on the evil editor in me!

"Giddy as a guppy in a goblet"? Holy geez -- DD really IS Snapper Carr! Eek!

Johnny said...

cant wait for the Batman!

Comixbear said...

Just a thought...Daredevil's fingertips are super-sensitive, since he can use them to even read the print of a regular newspaper. So wouldn't snapping his fingers together be roughly the equivalent of rubbing sandpaper over your eyes?

De said...

I don't know, that creepy verbiage might be the sort of thing Karen likes given her later profession.

I know I'm late to the part, Adam but welcome back.

Robert Gillis said...

There was also an issue of Superman (or Action Comics) with the Flash on the cover and Superman punches him. “Hi Superman, what brings you… “ {POW!} to central city> {OUCH} In the issue, Superman and Flash trade places to foil the weather wizard, and at the end, the flash takes off his Superman head mask to reveal the full “flash cowl” underneath—complete with pointing ears!

SallyP said...

Well, the comparison of Matt Murdock to Snapper Carr just made me choke on my bagel.

Snapper is NOT one of my favorite characters, but even HE would know better than to wear sunglasses underneath a mask.