Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Super-Duper-Powers Wednesday!

Ah, the excitement of watching a telepath in action.

I've never understood why almost every team needs a telepath. That has got to be, bar none, one of the most boring abilities ever. Hey! It looks like Saturn Girl is about to .... concentrate! Sockamagee!


It's not that Matter-Eater Lad had the most practical of super-powers to begin with, but as a strategic move, would you send him somewhere he has to wear a helmet? The guy eats things. That's pretty much all he does. Slap a fishbowl helmet on him, and you can rest assured nothing cool is going to happen.

Unless he himself got eaten. Yeah, I'd stick around for that.

This was an idea that just barely missed the mark. No boy wants the Petticoat Junction locomotive. He wants a model of the three sisters swimming naked in the water tower.

Don't believe me? Look at the expression of the kid asking for a catalogue in the second panel. He clearly thinks "catalogue" is slang for "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue."


Comixbear said...

That's why it's called Hooterville, my friend. Because of the half-naked women lounging around the water tower! Of course, stay on the train for another 20 minutes and you end up in Ball Branch.

Sea_of_Green said...


SallyP said...

Man, Petticoat Junction is even before MY time, and I'm oooolllllldd.

And yes, watching Saturn Girl "concentrate" must have been...riveting.