Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Perfectly Valid Questions Wednesday!

Here we have some interesting debate, Daredevil-style:

The skin-tightness of DD's costume notwithstanding, I would take it one step further: If you're going to kill a guy anyway, why not go scavenging after he's dead so you don't end up getting your neck snapped or something? Not to be cold about this, but it seems like robbing someone then killing them is unnecessary and probably results in some seriously bad karma.

Also, why don't superheroes carry money with them? I find myself needing a fiver every once in a while, and I tend to keep to myself. I certainly don't find myself amidst the drama your average caped co-dependant seems to cultivate.

Anyway, remember what I said about how you should probably kill a guy before you do anything else to him if that's the ultimate plan, anyway? Check it out:

See? What did I just say?

Organized crime will have to make us their leader if we defeat Daredevil! I like DD as much as the next guy, but I don't think taking him out makes you much of a badass.

Can't you just imagine how the meeting of organized crime lords would have gone if the Marauder had been successful?

You dare not challenge my leadership, for I have defeated a super-hero!

Really? Which one?


Daredevil? The acrobat who throws that stick thing?

It's called a billy club... and yes.

So, if the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man or Luke Cage come busting down our door, you're going to scare them off because you beat Daredevil?

Of course! It's stands to reason, doesn't it?

The guy who jumps around and throws the stick.

It's a billy club, damn you! You aren't even trying to take me seriously!


And now, for your viewing pleasure:

.... a random shot of Superboy using his x-ray vision to see through another guy's pants.


Allergy said...

I think to really gain the respect of organized crime, you'd have to get a fudge judge in your pocket. Not that it's really difficult. Almost all of those guys are "on the take," if you catch my meaning.

Pok! Btoom!!

Gildas said...

Grant Morrison's Animal Man did carry money around(very likely it was Adam who advised him).

Robert said...

"His costume is skin tight! Except for the CLUB in his sheath, there is nothing to search."

This is the problem with skin tight clothing, you can easily see a guy's club in his sheath. And they want to search that? Who are these guys, the Village People?

Jon H said...

No, Superboy is using his heat vision.

See, they didn't have warming lube back then.

SallyP said...

Oh that Superboy.

Granted, I imagine that most super outfits don't have pockets. Which is why I always loved that Animal Man had to have a jacket for his wallet and keys and stuff. Do you remember the Hitman issue where Kyle is having a beer with Tommy, and then when he can't buy a round, they toss him out of the bar?

I suppose that they could sew a pocket into the inside of their boots or something.