Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Gesture-Laden Tuesday!

My lovelies, I give you the finger! Starfinger, that is!

A different ray comes out of each finger, you say?

Go ahead and ask it.

No one is going to ask? No one? It has to be me?


What do you suppose comes out of his middle finger? And when he uses it on you, does it make an obscene gesture? If so, could I request that he appear in at least one comic a month so I can giggle like a 7 year-old?

Check out the position of the robot arm. Old Garth has got it spring-loaded to slap Irma into next week, doesn't he?

I love you, Garth!


Woman, didn't I tell you to make me some sammitches? Don't make me wind up my arm again!


Okay, let's keep in mind that Shrinking Violet can only shrink. Ray Palmer is the guy who has control over his mass as well as his size. This means that, regardless of his size at any given moment, Ray can hit you like the 180 pound man he is.

Shrinking Violet, on the other hand, gets small. This means that when she grows to normal size, she is a teenage girl. In an inappropriately short mini-skirt.

Long story short: Shrinking Violet, contrary to her commendable but ill-founded confidence, is about to grow to normal size and get her ass kicked.

Fear Starfinger! Fear him, I say!


Comixbear said...

But all of those who haven't had the urge to give the ol' trailer park salute to Saturn Girl could be counted on one robot hand!


Gildas said...

Starfinger's power to spray silly string from his hand must make him great at parties.

SallyP said...

I'm sure that Shrinking Violet loved her time spent in traction.

Wait, Lightning Lad has a metal arm? Wouldn't that be inconvenient a bit when using...lightning?

Jon H said...

The middle finger's power is the Dirty Sanchez Ray.

mr said...

"But it changes the way I'll have to feel about you Saturn Girl".