Thursday, April 10, 2008

Let Us Not Say Goodbye, but Rather Au Revoir Friday!

Dear Ones,

I will be taking next week off for a much-deserved mental health break from work and blogging. I will miss both terribly, but never fear. I will return Monday, April 21st, with more silliness.

Meanwhile, I leave you with a nice plump posting to get you through the week.

Man, did I ever want these as a kid:

This was one of the few things my parents thwarted when I was under the age of 10 and my parents still labored under the misconception that I would eventually mature and outgrow my love of comics. I think my mother was (rightfully) afraid I would stick them on my wall where I could gaze at them lovingly every day.

But they were so cool! Hawkman and everything!

Did anyone ever get these, and if so, were they as awesome as I had imagined?

Another Great Moment in Comics:

The Time Trapper gets owned by an infant version of the Legion. Any time a comic character is turned into a baby, you can be certain there's a Great Moment in the making.

Much as I love Daredevil,

You can not make someone involuntarily spin like a top. Maybe, and I mean maybe, if he hooked the cable up to an SUV and gunned it, he might get a few spins, but that's about it.

.... and you certainly can't keep someone spinning and send them careening into others. When did Daredevil become a Looney Toons production?

That's it for me this week, folks! Me and mine have some rather difficult things to take care of in the coming weeks, so please remember us in your thoughts and prayers. I'll see you April 21st!


Allergy said...

All the best to you and yours, Adam - we shall be eagerly awaiting your return!

Wndola said...

Sorry no Hawkman though

Wndola said...

ok let's try that again

De said...

Everyone is saying their farewells today. First, the cute Russian chick at work, next was Radio God Don Geronimo, and now you.


Baal said...

I read the Owl thing and my first thought was that if the Owl were gliding with his mutant this week, not the next power then he could be spun like that. Then I decided that made me too much of a geek and stopped.

motherkat said...

you and your family will be in our prayers, wishing you all the best.

Tony Z™ said...

Oh gosh I remember wanting those wall stick ons!! And the poseable cardboard cut-out figures! Those were so cool. Never had them either. My parents were just as foolish to think I was going to outgrow comics.

Have a great break!!

FoldedSoup said...

Best of luck with whatever you guys have to take care of. Hope it all works out!

Enjoy the time off, as best you can.

Bunche said...

Oh, I had those stickers, alright. They were every bit as excellent as presented, and even though I had to apply mine to surfaces chosen under the watchful eye of my mother they looked great. And some of them were quite large, too.

I'd love a set of these now...

Matthew Allison said...

We had a soda machine at the comic book store I worked at in high school and it was covered in those Super-Hero Stick-Ons. They were indeed dope.

suedenim said...

Those *were* great stickers, very nicely done, not the sort of bait-and-switch crap comics ads are renowned for.

As bunche indicated, there were a variety of sizes, and the big ones were indeed large. I remember having Green Arrow on the side of a standard plastic wastebasket, nicely filling the space.

Sea_of_Green said...

I had those stickers! They were awesome -- my dad got them for me, because he was as much a comic book geek as I was. :-) The stickers were not disappointing in the slightest. I had them all over my bedroom, and they stuck to darn near anything, much to my mom's dismay. I wish I still had some of them.