Friday, October 19, 2007

What The---? Friday!!

Is it any wonder they lost WWII?

There must be no outcry!

Jawohl! For I am as swift as the cobra! DIE, PIG!!!!!

Dumbkoff! That means you, too! What part of "There must be no outcry" made you think it was okay for you to make noise?

This had to be a Hogan's Heroes bit years later....

A boat job, you say?

I'm going to go ahead and say it, and spare Soup the trouble.

Is that a tugboat job you're pulling? Will it cost extra?

Seriously, what the heck? You don't even have to do safety inspections on cars where I live. What exactly happened if your bike didn't pass inspection? Would she do something really scary like write your name down on that little pad of hers? I'd kinda like it if someone wrote down that I was a rolling menace...

1 comment:

FoldedSoup said...

D'Oh! Foiled again!

You win this round, my punny phriend!